Operating System Not Found



So, I have been so fortunate to be granted the extraordinary honor of fixing this lovely Acer Aspire 5050.

When it loads it writes:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM
Operating System Not Found

Okay, so I begin investigating and eventually find the guide here:

I have now tried step 3 but without success and I ventured onwards to step 4.

Failes here: bcdedit.exe /import c:\boot\bcd.temp

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Hi Lundorff.
Do you have multiple HDDs in the problem computer?
If so, disconnect all but the one with the OS on it, then do the Startup Repair again 3 times.

And, I'm assuming the OS is Vista or Win 7? If not, then obviously you should not be trying to recover the Vista bootloader...:wink:
BTW, that error looks like it could be a problem with your hardware, not the actual boot itself.


Hi, in the boot sequence in the bios there are 2 IDE's listed, so I will try to disable one of them (this is a laptop (unfortunately) and I have no manual access do the hardward.)

And yes it's Vista (32-bit) ^^ And yes I suspect that at least one of the disks have broken down.