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Hi Guys,

Anyone that wants to hide ads on NST can now do so.

All you have to do is go to your User CP
And at the bottom of the page, set the "Hide Ads" option to "Yes"

I've been meaning to this for a looooong time, but just never got around to it :smile:
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Way too cool, thanks for providing us regulars the option. I'm sure the guests and donations well still generate enough to keep NST going :smile:


Wow, and pages even load faster now :happy:
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Yeah, the javascript crud in the ads slowed down page load times some..

(and you're most welcome :smile:)
Thanks Mahmoud. But i have to admit it is a bit confusing when you read it.

Show Ads?
Want to hide all ads on NST? Just set the option here!

You have to set it to no to hide them. But according to the description it would be yes. :wink:

At least how i am reading it. Either way thinks for this. Saves me from having to update my urlfilter.ini file.

Looks pretty clear to me. We don't haft to worry about it though cause he set it to no for ppl with > 1k posts.
If you read the description it says Want to hide the Ads. By which you would answer Yes to hide them. But that shows them. You have to select No to actually hide them. While the title says Show Ads and you would select No, the description says the opposite.
Don't go by the description, Alex, go by the title ("Show Ads?")
Yes i figured that out afterwards. :tongueout:
I must confess I went and set "Yes" which seemed natural from a cursory glance, and because it was the opposite to the default setting, then I read CG's comment in a different thread from the one that I first saw the new option, that he'd already set 1000+ users.
When I went back and checked, I read more carefully and realized my mistake, so I have to agree with Mak that there's plenty of scope for confusion with the current wording.
I don't think you'd place much reliance on the result of a poll which asked, "Are you in favour of nuclear disarmament, or should we keep the bomb ? Reply Yes or No.
Mak and I are proof that people can't be relied upon always to read with great care. Not that it's of great consequence. It should be pretty obvious that you've ticked the wrong box when the ads don't go away.
It is really a simple mistake. I mean if you read the title it says it all. But i read the description which kinda goes against the title. So that is what caused my confusion. I went by the description not the title which caused me to have ads. It was a simple fix. Just go back and click the other option.

Since there is only 2 options if the 1 doesnt give you the result you want, select the other one. :tongueout:
I've updated it again, the option is now whether or not to "Hide Ads" instead of "Show Ads" and the results are "No" and "Yes."


I ran a query that should have switched your answers from "No" (Show Ads) to "Yes" (Hide Ads). If anyone is seeing ads, please manually go to the User CP and set the option to "Yes" from there.
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The update worked CG (i didn't need to change anything), you may want to update your first post though with the new instructions :smile: