Option to save the path for the bcd backup file

No, but I could add one easily :smile:

Save the path, but not the name, of course.. right?

Added for the next build :grinning:
At default the path of the backup file is set to C:\Users\Username\Documents\EasyBCD Backup (03-26-2010).bcd

But I would replace the default path for backup and restore to something like E:\Win7\EasyBCD\backup\EasyBCD Backup (03-26-2010).bcd

Other Theme: There is a bug using Beta at the option "Save EasyBCD window size on exit". The "Edit Boot Menu" is not displayed correctly the next time I start EasyBCD. The right part of the larger window is not displayed.
Yep, it is a problem.... in fact, its not autosizing any of the pages. You can maximize the window so the page updates at the right size, but this well need to be fixed. Thanks for reporting it.

As for the proposed path, I'm not too sure about that. The documents folder seems like a good default place because its where most users would expect to find their files. You could always save the backup elsewhere.
I use only vhd files to boot from. So the documents folder is always in the booted vhd image. If I have a problem with the bootloader it could not restored because the backup is in this vhd image. That's the reason I always store the backup to a other partition and EasyBCD should have a option to save a alternative backup/restore path or save the last used path for both. But not in the registry because it is in the vhd image.
That's it. The path is auto saved und used the next time I start EasyBCD.

It should be nice, if this path is also used for the open file dialog at the backup and restore file selection dialog. Normally I would restore from the path where I put the backup file before.
You're most welcome, slurp.

Thanks for your suggestions. If anything else comes to mind, do let us know.