OS drive letter on two hard disks


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I got a question regarding using EasyBCD to have Dual Boot Screen.
I got one Primary Hard Disk with Windows XP OS and another Secondary Hard Disk
with Windows 2000 Pro. If I select to boot from Windows 2000 Pro (2nd physical drive),
is the drive letter be C: or D: ? Since the 1st physical drive was Windows XP (C:smile: but I am
not booting into windows xp. Pls advice. Many Thanks.
First things first, EasyBCD does not support a Windows XP/Windows 2000 dual-boot unless you also have Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed as well.

As for the drove letter, it highly depends on how you installed the second OS. If you booted from the CD to enter setup, both operating systems will see their own respective disks as C. But if you started the setup of one from within the other, the second OS will see itself the same way the first saw that second disk.... as D.