OS Is simply not booting...


Well, I decided to format my installation of Vista and do it all over again as I received the full copy (rather than my previous upgrade copy) from my school.. Anywhom, so I went on my way of installing with a fresh install, formatting via the Windows Vista DVD setup, and all seemed well.. until it did its reboot, when it said the Operating System could not be loaded... I figured some files were not copied over right, so, I formatted again, and did the whole process over..

Now, after it reboots from its initial copying of files and expansion in order to be set up, it hangs at the "Press any key to boot from DVD...", Like, I can push any key and it will boot from the DVD, but, if you leave it - it does not move.. the hard-drive light does not even flicker.. its like it doesn't know where to go?

I figure its the MBR, but before I rebuild it I was going to ask - How do I rebuild it? lol, I hope I don't sound too ignorant.
Update: I attempted what Computer Guru and DiiCE suggested here:

but to no avail did either of those commands work.. it just doesnt budge... my bios sees the drive, vista recovery sees the drive.. but, gosh..

It may have something to do with the CD/DVD Drives, but I dont know how much a thing could of occured, but, when you try to boot anything off the DVD Drives (I have two and tried both) the active LED light will only last for about 2 seconds.. and if you dont do anything after that you're pretty much stuck..

Here is a video
First things first: do you have any data on that physical hard drive that you need/haven't backed up?
Boot into Vista.
EasyBCD -> Useful Utilities -> Power Console
cd bin
mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes
mbrfix /drive 0 clean
mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes

This will restore your MBR to stock condition and clear all data.
Boot from your Vista DVD and install.

Good luck :smile:
Hello Hello, your suggestion has proved to be sucessful!

I would like to thank you for your time, I really like how you are dedicated to this forum & its users :smile:

God bless you :smile:
Hey thanks :smile:

Glad you got it to work. Stick around, I'm sure you have answers to some of the questions other members have here!