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I am dual booting Vista and Windows 7 on two separate hard drives. I am using an Asrock P45xe motherboard, 4gig ram,and a Logitech MX3200 keyboard.
The problem, when first powering on, the Asrock screen appears with the available F options and I can select them, meaning the usb keyboard has been recoginized, but when the boot screen appears with the OS options I can't select one. It's like the keyboard has lost communication, the loader times out and I have no choice so it boot into the default OS.
What could be happening from one screen to the next that would cause the keyboard to work on startup and then not work for the OS selection?
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Timeout? 'bout the only think I can think of.... unless this is a wireless keyboard. Wireless is a little iffy, especially during critical times when the computer is first booting before Windows takes over. If you can get into Windows, use EasyBCD to reset the timeout, to say... something like 10 seconds? That way, you have a chance to choose which OS you want booting.
No, I had this problem before. It's a real **** to solve.

The bootloader "forgets" it supports USB devices, and you can't select anything from there.

I think I used System Restore to get it to work one time, and the other time I had to actually format & reinstall.
I was going to suggest that, but logically thinking if the bootloader gets control before the OS, than wouldn't this issue be separate of any paticular OS on the user's machine? Sounds like MS needs to release a patched bootmgr. Hopefully they'll do it for Vista SP2 too.
I don't know, I think it's a bug somewhere.... I don't get how the OS can affect the bootloader (technically, they're completely separate entities - only the bootloader can affect the OS but not the other way around) but with Microsoft and Windows, anything is possible.
Yep, this is a wireless desktop combo as confirmed here. Its even a Vista certified product! I got a logitech set myself but don't use it anymore because of problems like this. Heres some other things you can try to get it working:

1) Press the reset button on the keyboard and the receiver (if its a usb one). The reset button on the keyboard should be under it. It'll be a little hard to find, but it should be a little dot you just press on.
2) Remove the batteries from the keyboard and re-insert them
3) Replace the batteries in the keyboard. You typically need to do this when you notice loss of performance or reliability regardless of whether or not it is still functional.
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