OS X on a PC?


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excuse my ignorance but from reading the BCD docs i am a little confused as to how we can dual, Triple... boot OS X with anything else. Bootcamp already does that and i did not think OS X could be installed on a PC. i did not notice a .dmg installer for BCD so thats why i am a bit confused.
can one install easyBCD on a MacBook to use in place of EFI, and then be able to x Boot whatever OS?
I know that it is possible to run OS-X on a PC, but im sure that the PC has to utterly up to Mac spec's

now i know that Mac and PC hardware is very different and thats the biggest reason you normally cant run OS S on a PC but you can do it the other way around, if you have an intel Chipset as your processor i know you can run windows on-top of mac

Apple - Get a Mac - Run Windows telling you about how you can run windows within mac

Windows, Mac OS to run side-by-side | CNET News.com telling about running windows or mac standalone

Parallels Desktop for Mac the company that made the software to run both at the same time

and then: http://www.macwindows.com/winintelmac.html a ton of information on running windows in mac

im sorry if i couldnt realky answer your question...
Hey Alejo, it's been a long time since we've seen you here - welcome back!! :grinning:

Kahai is right, once you stick Windows on your Macbook, you can use the BCD bootloader.
Also, certain people have dev preview packs for OS X that install on geenric PCs, EasyBCD will work with these too.
thanks for the reply, but not much help. i know how all about installing Windows on Mac (using XP currently on my MacBook) i just dont understand how to use or implement easyBCD with OS X. i dont understand the need. i know i am just missing something small but :scared:


oh thanks Guru, glad to be back.
i have XP/OSX using boot camp currently, so i can use easyBCD? instead of ....
but i did not see a .dmg package just .exe do i install it in my XP install and set up my drive to default to XP and then have BCD greet me on start up? sorry i really just dont follow!
i have learned alot since last time we spoke but i am still learning.

ps. would that certain person with the dev package be willing to share for learning purposes?
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no, you're not :smile:

Bootcamp is more than enough for all needs and purposes. Now if you didn't want to use bootcamp (which is an emulation layer) and would rather use EFI the whole way through to boot both OS X and Vista, you could use EasyBCD instead.
the thing is i have always been here... i keep an out on your stuff all the time.

ok.. so how do i install BCD w/o a ".dmg" all i can find is a windows .exe file. i would think if we are gonna use easyBCD to load the two OS's it would need to be installed Natively on the Mac, right?

OK i just re-read your post.
i need to do this:
1. Remove BootCamp
2. Partition HD as needed
3. Install OS X
4. Install XP
5. Boot into XP install easyBCD
6. Make entries for OS X and reboot
7. Be happy and keep going to school to learn this stuff
8. Stop buggin Guru

thats has to be right i dont see any other way! if that works you really are a computer Guru.
Shiest!!! thats clever.
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No,it doesn't work that way. You'll have to boot into a Windows PE environment and setup the bootloader to the MBR, then install Windows Vista and on it EasyBCD.

thank you. did not realize that easyBCD is completely Dependant on Vista's loader guess hence the name. :wtf:
that's quite alright :smile:
Is there anything in particular you're trying to do that BootCamp isn't working for you?