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Mak 2.0

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Ok. So i got OS X installed. But here is the thing. I used a USB to IDE cable to do this. Windows recognized the drive when it was formatted for NTFS. But now that i have put OS X on it...nothing. I have tried to set USB as the primary boot device. Doesnt boot to it. Tried adding a entry to EasyBCD. Get a Boot chain error. So i am confused. I dont know what to do or where to head here.:S:??:wtf:
* In your BIOS, is "boot from removable devices" enabled?
* Does the BIOS recognize and list the drive itself?
Alright well let me try to explain this.

No the drive wasnt recognized in my BIOS. So here is what i did. I went into my BIOS and changed a setting from my SATA drives to boot in ATA mode. At first i thought i messed everything up cause it looked like i lost a couple of my partition. I got OS X installed but it wont boot. It says it is missing the /com...something. I didnt really pay attention. I will put the disc back in and see if i can boot to it. I left the PC on for about 15 minutes and it didnt boot from the HDD. I lost my boot files for XP and Vista so those wont install at all.

So now i hsve this going on. I have OS X on my first HDD. It is 160GB and is HD 0,0. I have 2 more blank partitions. I am thinking of installing Ubuntu and Vista. But now that i got OS X installed that is gonna get me no where. I have to go back and try to get Vista installed First right?

Can i installed Ubuntu first then VIsta then OS X? Man i am lsot when it comes to everything but Windows. :grinning: