OSX boot-up Error


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I finally got this far with my OSX, I now see an osx at boot up ,a dual boot with Vista .
Now when I click on OSX I get a set of code rolling fast on the screen ,and it takes me to an end part which says "errors encountered while starting computer" then it says restart in 5 secs.
It then goes through a diagnostic list of apple and it just sits at a line applesync1 blah blah.

What could be the problem?

It looks like it is using the Darwin boot.This is the first time I have gotten this far.
If I use the vista loader Iget a corrupt error and I go back to boot options.

I have no problems getting into Vista anyways.

If someone has any ideas.

Hey locust,

It doesn't sound like a bootloader-related problem: both EasyBCD and the Vista bootloader have done their job and handed off control of the PC to Mac OS X.

Sounds like a bad install to me - you'll have to reinstall it with a different CD or something, but I can't really help you with that; it's against NeoSmart policy to discuss the actual installation of OS X on a non-Mac PC.