OSX - Chain Booting Error


I've been using easybcd to triple boot Windows 7, XP and OSX with the following configuration:

Disk1Part1: Win7
Disk1Part2: XP
Disk2Part1: OSX

Everything has been working great, but I wanted to move the OSX partition to be on the same disk as the others so I used Clonezilla to clone the partition onto Disk1Part3. All disk1 partitions are primary (I removed the hidden win7 part). I now get a Chain Booting error when trying to load the OSX partition. How do I get easybcd to point to the new location of osx? I have updated to the latest 2.0 beta 79.


That was the first thing I tried. Same error. I was just reading that osx support is broken in the latest betas? Maybe, I'll re-install build 63 (what I was using before) and try again.