OSX Installed, but can only boot into Windows 7


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I already had Windows 7 and I just installed Snow Leopard on to a 12 gb partition of my hard drive, and for some reason when I booted up, it said there was a boot error, so I got the windows recovery disk and fixed the boot, so then I could boot into windows. Then I set up EasyBCD to boot into Snow Leopard. I'm using the 2.0 beta and I set the mode as EFI (Default). But now when I try to boot into OSX, a screen comes up with some text at the top that says stuff like "minimal bash line editing is available" and has a thing that says grub>. I recently had Ubuntu dual booting next to windows 7, and I was using grub, but I deleted that entire partition and reset the Windows 7 boot loader if that matters. It's weird, because I thought OSX would take over the boot loader when I installed it, but it hasn't, and I've reinstalled three times now. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
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