OSX success and then...


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hi, new to this forum site and easy BCD.

I have vista on a partition on my first SATA disk
i have mac OSX leopard on my master IDE channel (DVDRW on slave)
(three SATA channels vacant)
normally at boot time, vista will boot by default, no choices/menus

if i go to BIOS menu, i can choose the IDE drive and boot to MAC OSX
Its a pain, as i've got to be there to boot to mac always and would like it automated via EasyBCD

So, i install Easy BCD on vista and it cant see the drive on which MAC OSX is installed, therefore, when i try to add macosx to the startyup menu and it asks for "drive", i cannot supply one. the option "BOOT:" appears, but when i press "apply", it goes back to saying c:

how do i boot to a drive "from scratch" without a drive letter available in vista

Vista CAN see the drive as "disk 0" in the diskmanagement menu via the control panel. the vista drive SATA is Disk1

Can i get easy BCD to boot drive "disk0" directly and not via a drive letter.

Alternatively, i'll have to be present at restarts etc.