OSX86 in a 2nd hard drive won't boot


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I'm using EasyBCD 1.61. I have already managed to install Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu 7.04 in the same drive, and EasyBCD allows me to easily boot to each OS.

Now I'm trying to use EasyBCD to select and boot OSX86 10.4.8. OSX86 is installed to another drive, as a single primary partition. The instalation was done with all other drives detached from the computer. OSX86 boots flawlessly if I select its hard drive as the boot drive in the motherboard's BIOS (without using the Windows Vista boot loader of the 1st drive). I have then added a Mac OS X entry in EasyBCD. When I boot through the 1st drive and select the MAC OS X option, the following error message appears: "Chain booting error" and the computer freezes.

Additional information from Paragon Partition Manager 8.5: OSX86 partition is a primary partition, active and hidden. It is the only partition on the 2nd hard drive. Paragon does not know the type of partition, but says its ID is 0xBF. This partition was created during OSX86 installation.

Any idea on how to configure my system to be able to boot OSX86 through EasyBCD?

Any help is welcome.

Hi mgkirschnik, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

OS X is supposed to be 0xAF partition type, and it shouldn't be hidden - you should be able to change both those settings with a decent partition manager (never tried Paragon myself).

Good luck.