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hi everyone,I've been doing some thinking on my OSX boot problem and think it might not be a problem with bcd but the way I installed it.Because it screwed up windows when I installed it,every other time (There has been lots) I've installed it I have unplugged the windows drives.
This means OSX thinks it is on disk 1(or 0) because it was the only drive in the pc when I installed it.
When I use F12 in bios to boot the drive it must think it's the first drive.
What I would like to know is what software has control at the problem stage of the boot sequence,as it might be changing something elsewhere might solve my problem.
OK,so when I boot I get to the choices menu and select OSX.
At this point I get the following on the screen very breifly.

Try (hd0,0) : NTFSS 5:

Can someone tell me what is running at this point,
I then get to the screen I have attached.
Can someone tell me what is running at that point, because if it is something in OSX I might be able to change it.

Now, one thing I might try is to install OSX with the windows drives attached (and have to put up with restoring windows after) that way OSX might realise it is not disk 1 (or 0).

Any help would be appreciated.


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At this point, you're supposed to enter a 2-digit number that indicates the drive that OS X is installed to.

First drive is 80. Second is 81. And so on & so forth.
Thank you, yes I realise that ,and if I enter 81 OSX boots fine.
My qestion is, at the two points I listed,what peice of software, ie easybcd,windows or OSX boot loader is running at each point.If it is not ebcd I can look elseware for a fix.
Hi Mike.
CG has already indicated that the issue (with the drive number having to be selected at boot time, and not from within EasyBCD) will be fixed in the next release. Until then, I guess all we can do is wait patiently. :wink:
It's not EasyBCD running at that point, but we're working on a way to have EasBCD trick the OS X bootloader to load the OS from another drive.