Outlook contacts problem

I recently needed to transfer MS Outlook Data to a new PC. The Outlook back up/Restore went fine except for one glitch………the Contacts file is there…..I can see all the contacts/address’s in the file……..however when I try to use the “To” option in “New Mail Message” it shows an error box/window reading “The address list could not be displayed. The Contacts folder associated with address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions.” Any help or advice on this one would be greatly appreciated!
Take note that both PC's run XP pro and both use OfficeXP.


Easiest way to trasnfer your Outlook data? If you copy your Outlook.pst to the new PC located in %userprofile%\Application Data\Local\Microsoft\Outlook from the old PC (overwriting any existing one and deleting other files in that folder), the next time you open Outlook everything should load properly. By doing this you well maintain 99% of the stuff you had, including tasks, calendar, e-mail, and of course contacts/address book. You'll need to reconfigure any rules/alerts, signatures/templates, and general outlook settings to your liking though. If you continue having problems do a repair installation of Office.