OxcOOOOOOf error

Hello...I am completely desperate and Ive never asked for help before but i dont know what to do anymore.

So i bring my Toshiba P505 Win 7 out of hibernation and the service station has a flag that my battery performance is poor and my hard disk has errors. It instructs me to right click on the drive and properties-tools-check drive for errors. This proceeds for hours. After all sectors, etc are scanned Windows no longer boots and i receive the 0xc000000f error screen.

Mind you im only an average user with only knowledge Ive gleaned from reading online. So I input my Win 7 recovery disk which takes forever to load..and try startup repair. No OS is found. It attempted partition table repair and failed. error code =0×490

Reading further I begin messing with command prompts and run bcdboot commands: fix, etc. All complete successfully. I then run Diskpart to find out the 100mb System reserve is intact but my main drive is now RAW. I dont know much but this isnt exactly good.

I routinely back up data but havent backed up pics in 2 to 3 months and from the looks of it, all is lost?!!

Can someone please help me recover data and/or if possible reestablish a working computer??

Im sorry and thank you in advance for your time.
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TestDisk Download - CGSecurity
Try this first to see if it can repair the partition table and make your W7 drive addressable again.
If the partition reappears, get yourself a bootable Linux distro
e.g. Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu
and use it to rescue your personal files to external storage
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer

When you've recovered everything you can, you might be able to access Toshiba's recovery partition to instigate a "factory reset" if you're lucky, but it sounds like your HDD might be on its last legs.
The HDD manufacturer's website will normally provide a free HDD diagnostic program download which you can use to scan your drive and determine if it might be salvageable.