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Your website has a page here which instructs a user how to burn a CD image using a program called ImgBurn. I don't know if the author of that page was aware that (according to Wikipedia) ImgBurn is now ad-supported software and its installer now includes, among other things, the Ask Toolbar, a notorious piece of crapware which your users might prefer not to install.

People who are using EasyBCD may be users who are already having system problems that they hope EasyBCD might help them resolve. The last thing they need is to install something onto their system that operates stealthily in the background as a result of following Neosmart's advice.

Fortunately, according to Ghacks, the crapware can be easily deselected during installation if the user unchecks certain boxes. I'd recommend adding to the article a heads-up to users who install this software following the instructions in the article and who might find this information useful before they are infested.

Just a suggestion...
Hi BeerSlayer,

At the time that I wrote that guide (a few years back), ImgBurn was clean and without ads or spyware.

I've since added

3. Make sure to say "No" when the setup asks if you wish to install the optional ad-ons.

which should prevent that.....


Just checked - there's even a screenshot with the checkboxes unselected :smile:

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Thanks for the info.
I never install any software, free or otherwise, without using "custom" options to direct the install to my desired location, and to untick all of the free optional extras. (Does anyone not offer a free toolbar these days ? If you took them all, there'd be no space on the IE page for data !)
I'd hope that anyone techie enough to think of dual-booting their system, would also be adware-savvy, but who knows ?
The reason Imgburn was recommended, was primarily because it works. (So many pay-programs produce coasters rather than bootable apps !)
Now that we're all W7 users -- (aren't we ?) -- nothing else is necessary anyway, just click on your ISO file and "burn to CD".
I was actually approached by Ask a few years ago, they had a pretty good offer for an exclusive toolbar-bundling contract that would have been fairly lucrative. Fortunately, I had better sense than to listen to them about "improved web surfing experience for EasyBCD's users"