Partition Hiding and Boot Help Please


Hi all,

I've previously been using another product and I'm thinking of making the change . This is what I'm wanting to do;

I'm setting multiple W7 boot and I'm wanting to hide each OS partition from the other.
For example W7 Boot 1 on C, W7 Boot 2 on D, Common Data on E, Master OS backup partition on F.
Under W7 Boot 1 can obviously see C and data on E - not see D or F.
Under W7 Boot 2 can obviously see D and data on E - not see C or F.
(If I ever need to create another OS partition I can then copy from F as this is my activated, no software installed OS foundation.)

Either I'm not wording myself correctly or my vision is going :smile: but I just can't seem to find any information to help me achieve this.

Can you point me in the right direction?
Thanks for the reply Terry.

Ok, so this intention of mine isn't facilitated as a 'feature' per say of EasyBCD, it requires additional intervention as described in the link.

That's correct?
EasyBCD is an app for configuring the W7/Vista bootmgr BCD.
MS doesn't provide any "hide" facilities in its boot managers (any OS)
You'll need to use a 3rd party boot manager for that (like grub4dos if you want it for free)
To date I've been using BootIT NG which does what I've enquired about here without the need to use any other interventions.
As stated, I was thinking of making the change when I came across EasyBCD but perhaps I'll stay with put with BootIT NG.

Thanks again for helping me to work out which direction to take Terry and all the best.