Partition problem


I have a two disk array partitioned x 2 which show as drive C: and drive E: in Vista
Drive D: is a third disk used for backup.
Originally XP was installed on the array which was unpartitioned.
I installed Vista x64 Ultimate dual booting with XP. The Vista partition became C: and the XP partion (boot) became E: as viewed from Vista.
I have removed XP and E: now only contains the boot files.

I wish to remove the E: (boot) partition and incorporate the boot sector into a single partition with Vista.

How do I do this? I do have Paragon Partition Manager and BCD.

Thanks Terry - didn't see the link.
I have changed the boot drive to c: (vista partition).
However, D: still remains the system primary active partition. What exactly do I have to do to delete D: and make C: (logical drive) the primary active partition?
After using Easy2 to copy the boot files, you must change the BIOS to boot from the new location if you want them to become "system".
It only copies the data. If you continue to boot from the old copy, that will remain in charge.
(If both partitions are on a single HDD, it will move the "active" flag and the boot will switch, but Easy2 can't get into your BIOS and switch hard drives for you)
Sorry i didn't make it clear.

D: and C; on on the same array.

D: is Sytem, Active, Primary partition and contains boot files
C: is a Logical drive Boot drive

This is after using Easy2 to switch boot from D:

It didn't move the Active flag to C:

How do I make C: the active primary patition so that I can safely delete D: ?
Sorry, you didn't mention that the OS is on a logical drive.
Logical drives cannot be active.
The MBR will look for the "active" primary partition.
You cannot boot a logical drive directly, only via another primary.
You're stuck with the status quo unless you change the partition you want to be in control to primary status.

Some partition managers will enable you to do it on the fly.
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