Partition 'uneraser'


Somehow one of my partitions got screwed while trying to recover a dual-boot, so all my music is gone :/ .. shows as 'raw' in Windows drive manager/

I've tried a few recovery apps but they just seem to trawl the drive looking for file-headers. I'm sure last time this happened I found some little DOS app that just 'ticked a box' and had the partition back up in a few minutes.

Anyone got tips on a decent partition 'uneraser'?

Hey, just wanted to double-thank your for that tip, awesome program!!! Couldn't get it running from Windows but worked fine from a Linux Live CD (Parted Magic) ... pretty much instantly got it all back, wish all data recovery apps were as good as this one!

Yeah, it's a *great* utility. CG Security has some really nifty apps; photorec is also really good if you're ever in the need (though Recuva usually gets the job done).

Glad to hear it all worked out for you, and congratulations on recovering all of your files successfully. Wish all stories had a happy ending like this!!!! :smile:
Heh, yeah me too! Fortunately it wasn't drive corruption to blame - just stupid Win7 (or some other app, or just me) messed up the partition tables. Phew!

Recuva looks good too I'll have to check it out next time I lose a file!