Partition Z ? How to handle it?


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Desktop computer
Vista Home Premium sp2 (32b)
There are 2 HDDs in the machine:
one Hitachi SATA2 containing Vista
one WD Caviar SATA1 containing Ubuntu & XP

Tried EasyBCD two days ago for recovering Vista MBR .
This was the first contact with EasyBCD.
A few buttons were tried and the job was well done .

Ubuntu was removed and the empty cections were re-partitioned.

Everything went on well except for a little surprise, e.i.
there was a "partition Z" in my computer that was the
exact copy partition C where Vista MBR was recovered.

Why is this?
How to handle it?
Please post a Disk Management screenshot (details in the sticky)
Thank you, Terry !

The (Z) disappeared by itself.
Could not find if when computer was turned on this morning.

Something elseI might be worthy to share.
Returnil Virtual System has been applied for quite a while in my machine.
It malfunctioned this morning, namely, the system safe mode could not be disabled.
Trying to resolve the problem, I found this:


I wonder if the partion Z in my disk management was caused by Returnil.
But I do not remember touching Returnil during the dual boot settings.

Any ideas, please ?

Thank you !
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