path of file that easybcd edits

I need to know the path file that easybcd changes when a line such as:
bcdedit /displayorder ID /addfirst
is typed from a cmd.exe window in vista.
I need to be able change the boot order (within scripts - NOT from a GUI) so that I can have a series of different operationg systems can change the boot order. If it is a text file (like boot.ini in XP) then all have to do is a script edit. If not then what I will do is make several copies of the desired boot order and simply have my script copy one of these to desired path file. Now, again I MUST KNOW THE file path so that it can be done in scripts (NOT by someone typing or clicking something in a GUI) because I run scheduled scripts at night which boot up a series operating systems to do various mantenance functions.


Mostly Harmless
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I'm lost. The boot info is not stored in a text file, it's stored in the binary BCD hive at \boot\bcd and EasyBCD edits it directly (just like bcdedit does).