PC boots os from disc, but does not want to install it from that disc


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Greetings Forum people from NeoSmart
I am new here and I am puzzled by my problem. I have some experience with pc's, and normally everything should be ok, but not this time.
I have recently burned a bootable cd, iso image, with vista ultimate 64 bit on it.

Normally when you boot the pc you get the the 'press any key to boot from pc' message.
When I do this it takes about 15 minutes before I see the next screen. Which seems to me like my pc is starting Vista from my DVD, dvd station is also running like crazy.
I think my pc is loading the full OS into the RAM instead of asking me to install Vista.

Has anyone ever encountered this?
If so, could you tell me how you solved it? :smile:
Sam, welcome to NST

Unless the disc you obtained was off a recovery partition on your computer, obtained with your computer, or bought from the store in orginal packing it is unsafe and illegal to be using for an installation. Copies hosted on the net are often modified to contain malware. You should either take one of the following options:

1) Borrow an offical DVD from a friend, using the product key on the sticker attached to the side of your computer for activation.
2) Contact your manufacturer for a recovery set/a copy of the disc you should have got (for a small fee)
3) Go to the store and buy a new copy (The most expensive option)