PC-BSD - how to boot into PC-BSD which on a different disk


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I have a Windows 7 installation on a SSD disk and then I installed PC-BSD 10.1.2 on a second SSD disk (full installation with PC-BSD bootloader and everything). I cannot boot into PC-BSD using the Windows 7 bootloader. I select Linux/BSD from the EasyBCD menu and then I tried to Add New Entry choosing GRUB(Legacy) or FreeBSD / PC-BSD (all kinds of permutations when it comes to which partition to choose, because the SSD was sliced into 3 partitions, a small first one, a second large one probably the ZFS partition and a 2GB third probably SWAP), but nothing! I cannot boot into PC-BSD. Of course I boot into PC-BSD if I press F12 during initial system boot (BIOS boot) and select the disk that contains the PC-BSD from the motherboard's device menu.
Any idea of how to use EasyBCD to have a successful PC-BSD boot from Windows 7 bootloader?


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Is it a UEFI PC ?
If so MS won't allow booting of Linux through bootmgr (EasyBCD cannot circumvent)
The only way to dual-boot Linux and Windows in that case is to let grub have control (change BIOS sequence to put linux ahead of Windows) then add a Windows entry to the grub menu.