PC clicks 6 times

I am using VIsta. When starting up pc will click 2 times and 6 times repeatedly. I put in install cd and it can not repair. If I keep playing around I can get it to boot. Is the clicking a bad hard drive? I have a new one I would like to install and try to put data from old one on it. Easy BCD repair had no effect.:frowning:
Go to the website of the manufacturer of your HDD and look for a download of their diagnostic utility, then run it against your drive and see what it reports.
Thanks guys. Pc has been on 24/7 for about 4 years so HD is most likely shot. I put a new one in other slot, now I'm trying to figure out how to put data from old one onto new one. I guess I should try to do installation disc onto new HD first? I thot this was gonna be easy. lol. The more windows help I read, the more confused I get.
Use Justin's link (get yourself a free bootable copy of Linux) to copy your data across for safety, but check-out the original HDD before you write it off. The OEMs own diagnostics will give you an accurate assessment of the health. It might just be a bad block in the boot sector with everything else intact.