Pc freezing randomly

hey all,
So I've had my PC for close to 2 months now and over the past few days I've had this problem where my PC just freezes with a buzzing sound and I have to turn it off, the games I frequently play are Destiny 2, Assetto Corsa and Terraria, this usually happens most frequently in Destiny 2, it's not uncommon on Assetto Corsa and it's happened twice in Terraria. It also quite frequently happens just on my desktop. I have tried many things, like checking all my fans are running i downloaded a program that allowed fans to spin at different speeds and tried all different settings, I tried updating my drivers, checking my ram everything but nothing has worked and i'm sort of running out of ideas. I would get a new set of Parts but money doesn't grow on trees and I don't really have access to that kind of money anyways. My dad bought this PC so i'm hoping to get it fixed since he'll be quite pissed that it's non-functional within 2 months of owning it, any advice at all is welcome thanks.


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Sounds to me like a fan has worn out. That happened to me a couple of years back. I managed to replace it myself but any PC Repair shop should be able to replace a fan without breaking the bank.


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And if it's only two months old it should be under warranty and fixed for free by whoever supplied it.


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If "buzzing sound" actually means stuttering sound or other audio emanating from the speakers (rather than a noise coming from the hardware in your PC itself, such as coil whine, hard disk clicking, scraping fan, etc), it's a software crash caused by bad drivers. The system gets stuck in a very tight loop and simply continues to replay the last ~50ms of audio.