PCI Bridge driver


Hello all,

Bear with me I am a novice. I had Vista when I purchased the my Compaq computer a few months ago, due to all the problems my brother installed XP professional for me. I installed all the drivers that were needed except for the PCI Bridge driver. I am not able to use my ethernet to get on the internet. I went to HP website and they only support drivers for the Vista OS for my computer. Can someone please tell me where I can get the driver so I can surf again?

Thanks in advance,

Jovonne Bolar
If you search for your model and XP on thier site there should be one available (especially if the same cards have been used in other models) even if it doesn't appear on your computer's driver downloads page.
My model not supported

Do you mean at the HP site? They only support Vista drivers for my computer model Compaq Presario SR5223wm. Do you think that I can maybe use a similar model's drivers? This is so stressful.


Jovonne Bolar
Regardless of the system model, as long as the same hardware is being used you should be fine to get a driver from another system's page where XP is an option. I had to do this when I first got my laptop and decided I wanted XP on there in order to get wireless conectivity because at the time Vista was all that was listed.