Penta Boot - Windows 7, OS X, Xp, Ubuntu, and OSX again


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I'm very new to this but I seem to have everything mostly working. I just want to make everything easier yo use. Here's my setup.

Hard drive 1, main hard drive, 160 gb, 2 partitions.
Windows 7 - NTFS
OS X snow leopard -Mac Os Extended (journaled)

I have EasyBCD installed on windows &, and Chameleon 10.5 efi installed on the OS X partition. I know that EasyBCD has its own efi option, but I couldnt get that to work for some reason :/ (I'm running 10.6.6).

Hard drive 2, 2TB, 5 partitions.
Windows Xp - NTFS
Ubuntu - Ex4
OSX snow leopard - Mac Os Extended (journaled) (a seconday install to try updates that I think will mess up my main install on the first hard drive)
Time machine Mac Os Extended (journaled) (for OSX on the first hard drive)
Data - NTFS (the remainder of the hard drive to be a central place to store my data so that it can be accessed from all operating systems.

Currently to get to any of the operating systems on the second hard drive, I have to manually tell my computer to boot up from the second hard drive by hitting f8 and then select the second hard drive.

On the second hard drive I have EasyBCD installed on windows XP, Chameleon on the OSX partition, and GRUB was installed somewhere but I seem to have gotten rid of it using EasyBCD. Originally after installing Ubuntu I could only use the grub bootloader but not I'm back to using the EasyBCD menu, and them when I select Ubuntu the Grub bootloader comes up.

EasyBCD works extremely well for booting into Windows 7 and OSX on the main hard drive but I can't seem to add my other operating systems to that menu and have them successfully boot up. When I add windows xp and try to boot from it I get an error (i think it says it can't find the NTLRD) and I can't set up EasyBCD to boot the other install of OS X because it doesn't list any drives formatted in the mac format, so it boots my first install of it.


Sorry if that was confusing as hell, but thats why I'm asking for help. I want to somehow consolidate this into one boot menu. I'm fine If I have to keep the chameleon and grub bootloaders and just enable silent boot on them, I just want one menu to load up and have me be able to select from any of the five operating system installations.

Thanks for your help in advance!