Permission Mix-Up


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Some of you recently had access to the special moderator forums.... sorry for the confusion; it was a result of the new user group system I set up to stop people with no posts from sending spam via private messaging.

On the bright side, you've seen everything there is to see and that's not much.... We haven't got anything to hide! :grinning:

Sorry about the mix-up.
^ lol

i missed it :frowning:

oh well i have been Admin to a many IF (IPB) boards in my day

actually i just made a new one last night ^_^

before i even have users, i make up a detailed ranking system, with rights and premissions as they post more, larger PM box, New forums that were hidden before, and the such ^_^
Yeah, it doesn't really have anything worth hiding (no secret clans, fun rooms, or free ice cream tickets) - just boring admin stuff like reporting spammers and rewriting wiki pages :smile: