Persistent bootmgr missing

I have a Vista partition which I have managed to nuke during a reinstall. I installed Vista on the 3rd partition (1st was recovery, 2nd original vista). I had everything running dual booted between the old and new installs on the 2nd and 3rd partions.

I then used Gparted to delete the 1st and 2nd partition, and expanded the 3rd partition to cover the whole drive. I set this partition active and started running into the bootmgr missing problem. I have run the "nuclear holocaust" multiple times with no issues, and startup repair reports no problems. I am at a loss for what more I can do.

Other info that may shed light on the problem:

1. I cannot run sfc /scannow -- results in Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation
2. I cannot run memtest -- results in A problem is preventing windows from checking for memory problems during startup
3. CHKDSK reports no errors (although it failed to transfer the log with error 50, because it is running from boot dvd?)
4. When checking the attributes in DiskPart the disk attributes say bootable : no. I can't find anything on this or how to change the flag. The C: volume is active, and boot flag is set in Gparted.
5. From the WinRE command prompt I can get into the drive and everything looks great. No problem writing or deleting files.

Any ideas on what could still be wrong, or how to troubleshoot?

After a few days, I finally have it up and running. I think using gParted was somehow messing up drive locations. I downloaded a trial of BootIt NG and was getting a warning about how my file system ends at LBA 2********55 (I just made those numbers up). I had to copy that number to the LBA information above which was off by 9 and had the number 2*******64. I rebooted back into the WinRE, ran the startup repair, and everything is working perfectly.

Full instructions on the LBA fix here:
Partition above extends beyond the end of disk. - Norton Community