Picking a bootloader--Acronis Trueimage


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Bootloader Management - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

The link to using Trueimage with the MBR doesn't go anywhere!
Can you give me a lead, as I want to use Trueimage with my dual boot, Vista --- XP Pro.

"Please note: Using this page will overwrite any existing MBR! If you are using a 3rd party MBR like Grub or Darwin, don't worry, EasyBCD can be used instead. However, if you are using any software that customizes the MBR, such as Roxio GoBack or Acronis TrueImage, the post-boot interface for these applications will no longer be available. See [*this page*] for more information getting these programs to work with EasyBCD."

Thanks. Sandy
Hi Sandy, welcome to NST.

As you've no-doubt gathered by now, we never did get around to writing that page :smile:

In a nutshell: Set up your dual-boot first, make sure everything is work 110% then install TrueImage and let it do its MBR thing.