If i could go back that far in time i would register all sorts of names. Microsoft, Apple or any of the big ones. eBay would be a great one along with newegg and amazon.
Well, each of those companies made up their own name. So you wouldn't have known to reserve them.

Something like,, and all those though.......

I guess the question then becomes if eBay would have chosen a different name had been taken.
But that is the point of the time machine. :wink: To go back in time and buy the domains. :lol:

Mak, if I would tell you that I'm from future and tell you that "VirtualHeaven" is going to become world famous network (Internet 3.0), you wouldn't believe me :tongueout: lol, if you'd register it, they'd take a new name.. did you know that Google should be named different, but they made a mistake while registering the company or something like that... I was reading about it long time ago.
Nice riddle CG, a maths-geek special. I was thinking it was going to be a vocal joke of some kind, and was making allowances for the ZEE/ZED differences in spoken English English and American English when I suddenly saw the joke (literally).
don;t think about registering the domains because companies would have found another name Microsoft would have become microhard eBay would become obay and so on invest in the buisnesses imagine investing in cnn or the internet or computers or yahoo you would make alot more than what you would make by bbuying domains you could own all the domains plus you could patent such inventions such as oreos the portable computer (hmm whats that;n teo points for whoever answers) and so on think big guys
Thanks Terry - I knew you'd figure it out :grinning:

Generally speaking, when people discuss going back in time and making big money it usually involves
a) The Stock Market
b) Gambling
c) Land

If you know what's happening tomorrow and what's going to be big, then the only thing missing from the "get rich quick" equation is a time machine.
Great example of the time-travel land buying principle CG, is the richest man in England (or has been, if not currently), Gerald Grosvenor (Duke of Westminster).
An ancestor of his, married a girl whose father was a farmer outside London, and became the owner of a large field used for grazing livestock. It was the field on which the villagers held their annual fair to celebrate May day, and hence was known locally as Mayfair.
London, of course, expanded until it included this area (and several hundred square miles more), and if you know your Monopoly board game (UK edition), you'll know what the most expensive property on the board is called.
The ancestor was cunning enough only to sell houses built on the land with a 99 year lease, so every century since then they've been able to sell the most expensive real estate in GB all over again and make even more money (until the law changed in 1965, to give the tenants the right to buy the freehold)
Interesting story, Terry... that 99 year thing is very cunning!

Most people disregard land as a serious investment because it doesn't yield quick returns 99% of the time, but it's really the only thing guaranteed to never lose its value (precious minerals excepted) and has a good chance of becoming worth a lot more.

It's the same thing here - in the past, a bedouin would just lay claim to a mountain: "This is my mountain. My sheep are the only ones allowed here." and no one minded since there were just so many mountains.

But land here (like in GB, if I'm not mistaken) is pretty rare since some of the countries aren't that big, and as the cities expanded those mountains became worth their weight in gold. Now the richest people (and, by extension, those in the positions of power & control) are those whose grandparents had the most mountains!
the pnly reason most people don't bother with land investing is because it takes forever to make a considerable profit but thats where the time machine takes part for example here we have a huge hospital i think it consist of seperate buildings which each were built at a seperate time now there is a big u shaped hospital with 1 houswe in the middle of the u millions have been offered but he won't sell because whatever he agrees for it will be worth more in another year