Please God I'm going insane....! Tri-Booting


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I know you get like a million of these threads, I've read the documentation and am still having problems..

I'm trying to Try-boot Vista/XP/Ubuntu (7.10)...

Thus far I've got EasyBCD it's got Vista on there and XP and they load without a bother...

Next I try to either put in a linux entry stating I have grub installed... no luck (I have install grub to the linux partition just so you know)
Exact symptom for that, Missing BootMgr...

Then I use NeoGrub... I actually took the menu.lst from boot directory in linux with the code to run the bloody thing... and what happens it goes to through the motions to load the "Vista Bootloader" and a pile of stuff is flashing up on the screen blah blah and then I'm back to the mbr screen where I started... if I go back in there it does a bit of that and stops at the "Starting up Msdos" part and that's it.

Is it that I have to GRUB installed to the Vista drive or something s***e like that... or what the hell is going on...
Here Grub took over as the default boot loader seeing ubuntu 7.10 as the default OS with the option for the Vista loader and the dual boot with XP that way. But that was an install seen from a live cd for the "Gutsy Gibbon" not a full install download.

Grub is installed into the mbr. Once you use the option to restore the Vista boot information Grub will disappear. With ubuntu loading you then see a list of options for loading the distro, running a recovery or restoration mode, memtest, and a pair of items for the Vista loader whch then sees the working dual boot for Vista and XP.

That's what happened with the install option with the live version since that installer will automatically see Grub installer leaving no other option. There is one thing to note about reaching a black screen if you simply let ubuntu load on it's own without pressing the enter key while having 7.10 highlighted. Upon seeing the black screen simply press the ctrl-alt-del key combination and suddenly ubuntu loads normally then.
No you do not need GRUB installed. You say you have read the documentation but which one? Ours or others out there? Cause ours shows you 2 ways. 1 With GRUB installed and one to do it without GRUB installed.

Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Remove NeoGRUb and remove your Linux Entry. Now add a Linux Entry but check the box that GRUB was not isntalled to the bootlaoder. See what that does for you.