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I have installed Vista to my C: drive and Windows XP to my N: drive, both drives are SATA drives. I installed Easy BCD 1.7.2 and I am presented with a menu at bootup. If I choose Vista, no probs it boots up fine.

However if I choose XP it just wont boot. Initially I got an error about boot.ini, after reading these forums I downloaded the boot files (boot.ini, ntdetect, ntds) and installed them into the C: drive. Now I am presented with a black screen whenever I try to boot into XP. What am I doing wrong? I have not altered the INI file from the downloaded version, do I need to alter this?



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Hi Graeme, welcome to the boards.
If you can't see what to do with the help of the wiki XP troubleshooter from Mak's link,
post a screenshot of your Vista disk management and a copy of your boot.ini, and we'll take a look for you.