Please help, Can't boot into log in screen


I bought the recovery disk, windows vista 64-bit and burnt it to my DVD/CD.

I put the BIOS to my DVD drive , i made it to the BCD screen.

I started startup repair, it said windows cannot fix this problem automatically.

Then I tried the bootrec./fixMBR and bootrec./fixboot

Both of them told me the device is not ready.

My C: Drive says the device is not ready.
Not only my C drive, for E:, D: drives too. So none of these commands are doing anything.

Before I was able to access my windows partition, and i tried resetting it to factory settings, but it FROZE.

After i restarted my computer and it doesn't even let me access my windows partition anymore. Safe mode doesn't work Either.

Main error I get is Windows boot Manager, the file winload.exe is missing or corrupt application.

I have a HP Amd-phenom X4 9750 Processor
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I noticed, it says I have a removeable C: drive, even though I never took anything out of my PC. This is why I think it isn't booting . How come my C: drive isn't being recognized?

EdiT: I did the diskpart

It showed disk 1, 2 and 3.

It says status: No media, Size:0 B for all 3 , and Free: 0 B for all 3.

My C: Drive is 750GB, how come it isn't showing up?
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