Please help, im realy stuck!!! (Keyboard lockout)


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Hey guys my name is Danny and im new to this forum, in my spare time after iv finished work i fix computers with great succsess, but this is the first time iv came accoss this problem,

Right guys im working on a computer laptop windows vista, on boot up once logged in page is up, the keyboard doesnt work, only the keys (BACK SPACE AND SPACE) all these leave black dots in the log on space, if i press home it jumps to the front of whats been tped and the DEL button delets it, (That all the keys that work) iv tried connecting a exernal USB keyboard and mouse, the mouse works great but still the usb keyboard is now dead!!

I took the HDD out and ran scans on it and all was fine!! So i tried the vista recovery disc, it loads but then takes me to this X: WINDOWS SYSTEM32. I never came accross this with this disc, so i dont know what to do, also when i try typing my letters are in caps and look tike this Q^W^E^R^T^Y^U^I^O^P (Just as an example) i have no way off booting in safe mode or anything as keyboard will only allow me top press F2 F8,

Im googled out, iv been searching my 6 hours and im now ready to wipe the HDD and do a fresh install, this is my last stop!!!

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I forgot to mention on the CMD the letter I scrows threw loadsa files and the letter M is enter????
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Using the mouse go into device manager and uninstall all keyboard devices. Reboot the computer and wait a few seconds and you should be able to use the keyboard normally again.