Please Help Me Boot

Bob S

I was running XP on one drive and then added Windows 7 64 tbit to a second drive. I intended to move all my files from XP to W7 and then refortmat the XP drive for backup only. What happened is I got a dual boot. I used EasyBCD to boot only W7. The trouble is the boot manager is on the XP drive apparently. If I disconnect or reformat the XP drive, then W7 will not boot I want to get rid of the XP drive. Repairing W& with the install DVD does not work. (When I reformated I used Acronis True Image to get the XP back, at least.)

Thanks for you help.
You will have to go into the Disk Management screen and make the Win7 drive the system active drive. After that use the DVD to restore the boot properly.
If you can still boot W7 with the XP disk connected (you haven't formatted it yet), do so, then from W7 use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build / diagnostics / change boot drive.
That will copy all the BCD information onto W7. You can then change the BIOS to boot from the W7 disk and format the XP disk.
Thanks guys, I knew it would be easy, but figured best to get a straight forward answer instead of messing. Worked like a charm.

Bob Sarley
I am having problems dual booting my pc. I have xp installed on C: & installed 7 onto D:. when finished with win7 install & rebooted I had no option to go to XP (earlier version of windows). in looking at the drives when I get into 7 it shows that 7 went to C: & xp was bumped to D:.
How can I fix this problem?
It's not a problem.
Disk letters are just registry entries in the running system, they don't exist in the real world.
OSs don't have to agree what they individually call things.
Probably 99% of dual-boots will look just like yours.
Install EasyBCD 2.0 latest build on W7 then use add/remove entries to add an entry for XP.
Let EasyBCD auto-configure the XP boot for you when it offers, and don't change the letter assignment it uses.