Please Help: Tomcat URL Translation


I have Tomcat 5.5.20 configured on IIS 6 so both of them can run together.

My question is when I type as the URL everything works fine but it doesn't when I type

Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?
I didn't know that the URLs are case sensitive.
You need to create a virtual directory called "webapps" in IIS 6 admin so that webapps/ and webapps will redirect and so that WEBAPPS will also work.
It doesn't mater where this directory points to.
I already have a virtual directory created in IIS 6 called webapps.

I am just surprised that when I type "WEBAPPS" in the address bar I get 404 error but not when I have "webapps". Almost like IIS or Tomcat is not doing URL translation properly.
I just tested it here - same result actually. It seems this is a limitation of the redirect program.

The solution:
Open the and create a new entry with the same settings, except use all caps for that entry.