Please Help with Leopard/Vista DualBoot


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Ok so i have been running leopard for a while now on my imac, today i decided that i wanted to finally set up (with bootcamp) another partition and install vista ultimate, everything works fine, both vista and leopard run smoothly, i got EasyBCD so that i could auto switch between the two, i have tried practically every method of adding entries and sorting OS orders, but no matter what, whenever i try to use iReboot or choose the Mac OS X entry i created through windows boot manager, i always get an error message saying:

File: \NST\nst_mac.efi (or .mbr, because ive tried it as both imac and generic x86)

Status: 0xc0000001

Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me figure out whats wrong, i was just looking for an easy way to switch between my two OS, any help is useful.

Oh and also does anyone know of a program that has a function similar to iReboot except for Mac OS X, so i could have a button to easily and simply restart and take me into my Vista OS from Leopard?

Thanks to all help ahead of time!
From what i remember Boot Camp is what causes the issue here. But i could be wrong. Maybe Mahmoud fixed that problem.