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Hi everyone, my name is Ben and I`ve been experiencing some problems with my documents. Not long ago i couldn`t open one of them. And i just don`t understand why? can anyone help? It`s an access document by the way.


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More information would be helpful. Operating system? Browsers and versions? Any unusual popups and are all your documents inaccessible?


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Try opening Access and using the file menu to open your file. If that is not working you'll need to repair/reinstall Office. If it does work, some other program installed or updated recently may have changed the settings that tell Windows which application the particular type of file you are trying to open should use. Easiest way to fix it is to right click on file and select "Open With". Select Access (or another program) and than make sure the use as default application option is checked.

Sometimes Access will crash randomly with the potential to corrupt your information, so like anything important make sure you're always making backups of your work.

Also, it may haft to do with the version of Office you have. Microsoft decided it would be nice to take Access away from the people who could use it the most in Office 2016 (likely to promote Excel's new data tools). It's still available if you get the right Office 365 business subscription however.
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