Please tell me how to arrange for XP/Vista/Vista boot.

Roy Mayo


I dual boot XP/Vista without any problems. Each on its own HDD.

I installed eBCD and tried it out by changing default boot from XP/Vista to Vista/XP - OK.

Now I would like to install another copy of Vista, on another HDD.

Please advise sequence of actions I should take to acomplish this, and what I would see on Bootup.

Ideally I should see window giving me three choices from which I could select XP or either of the Vista installations. But what would actually come up?

Many thanks

Roy Mayo.
Hi Roy, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Quite simple really:
Put the Vista DVD in the drive and install. It should automatically pick up EasyBCD's existing configuration, and just add itself to the original dual-boot list.
Wow, sounds very easy. Much easier than I expected.

My new Vista HP order will be delivered before the end of this week. Will let you know how I fare.

Thank you very much.

roy Mayo.