Pls. Help my PC won't boot even in safe mode


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Hello, help will be greatly appreciated if you could help me with my PC problem.

At first it prompts me for an error of svc error something that needs to restart, but when I restart it, it won't boot now even in safe mode, please help, i have important files in my hard drive that I can't afford to lose. my laptop uses Windows XP
Don't Panic Nikki, and don't do anything too drastic.
Let us know the PC type and we'll help you fix it if possible.
XP does have a "repair install" facility (not available with Vista or W7), which can fix your system without losing your installed apps or data.
Even if you need to do a "factory reset", we can advise you how to rescue all your user data first, as long as you haven't already done something to lose it.