PLZ Help!!!


I have an acer aspire 5330-2339 and i have the free version of avg on this but i now have a virus. it wont even let me go to avg's home page. I wanted to format my hdd and start over. I made recovery disks when i first got the computer but i have never used something like that so i was wondering if i format my hdd will i be able to reinstall vista and all of the drivers for my hardware with this or can anyone suggest what i can do to fix this problem.
plz help

also i was wondering if i use the recovery disk will i keep all of acers settings and will the virus that i have be gone. i dont know what to do, very frusterated!! and can anyone tell me what the best program to use to keep my computer safe from viruses and spyware and malware and other harmfull things including hackers.
Hi aerolady,

The recovery disc doesn't do any of that. It's only for computer professionals to fix a non-booting Vista installation.
If you have the Acer recovery discs you created when the computer was new they should restore your computer to the original factory condition. All your settings and documents will be lost. In the future note that you can edit your original post rather than starting a new thread, this keeps things neat as well as helps present all needed information.

Hello aerolady,

The recovery discs you made should restore your computer to the way it was when you first got it, with the OS and any pre-installed software/drivers intact. You'll need to get the latest updates though afterwards, reactivate your software, and restore your files from a backup if you've got one because the format well erase everything on the disk.
I've addressed your issue in your other thread. If the recovery disc you were referring to there is one you downloaded from our site, you'll need to borrow a vista dvd from a friend or contact your OEM for a recovery set.