Possible additions to Easy BCD


Not sure if you can/want to do this, but if you select a different bcd store and then try to go back and reselect the one that is being used by the operating system you get an error due to it being in use:
This File is in use.
Enter a new name or close the file that's open in another program."

Of course you can exit the program and reopen it to do this.

Another thing thing that may make the program simplier for novices is for the preogram to "see" the hidden bcd files automatically. This is of course double edged as those who don't know how to "see" them maybe shouldn't be messing with the files, but it is called EasyBCD. Maybe even just selecting the drive itself as an option, and the program grabs it from the default location?

Just some suggestions take them or leave them. You probably already know about them, but just checking/trying to be helpful, great program by the way.
Hi Suijin,
I can visa versa work with all my "internel" and "externel" BCD.
I have not your Problem

You have the EasyBCD 2.0 Build 94?

To the next..
Working with hidden Files are danger and it is importend, you know what you make.
EBCD is an realy easy tool to edit and manage the BCD entrys.
Like Word, Excel and so on, you must set a "all time avaible Folder" for the BCD backup.
So you can restor without EBCD the BCD file, if you BCD to wrong or damage.
And so you must normaly know the function of Attributes and the way to change the Attribute.
I think so..

Greetings from Germany

EasyBCD detects and loads the system store automatically. I persume if you are in need of editing an external store you would know how to locate the store you want to edit regardless of whether or not its hidden?
Nope. He means after you select the store, you cannot easily revert back to the system store (because it's in use by the system and cannot be manually selected).

This is something I've known about, and indeed I too have been restarting EasyBCD in order to get around it. That is, of course, unacceptable, but seeing as I hadn't had any negative feedback about it I was willing to let it slide in the face of the other, bigger issues I was dealing with.

Definitely need to fix it before 2.0 final, though. Thanks, Sujin :smile:

If I can find a way to make hidden & system files visible in that dialog, I'll do it... and I've got a couple of other ideas in mind, let me try them out and see what happens.

I'll keep you all posted.


Please see build 95 for a "revert to system BCD" feature in the "File" menu.
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