Possible problem with EasyBCD beta and Win 7 Reserved 100 mb partition


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I have been a little concerned whether EasyBCD would work correctly on a Win 7 install which included the 100 MB System Reserve partition.

I set up a dual boot scenario where the Win 7 drive was primary and the 100 mb partition was system.

I added a second drive with an independent install of XP SP3.

Original boot went straight to the Win 7 install as expected.

I ran EasyBCD 2.0 beta to try to set up a dual boot with the XP drive and was asked if I wanted the ntldr and modified boot.ini files moved and I agreed.

So far, there is no Boot Folder or bootmgr file visible on either the XP ( D: ) or Wn7( C: ) partition, so the files were placed in the System Reserved 100 MB partition.

The Boot menu now showed the Win 7 and XP install but when XP was selected, I received a need to get ntldr message. The page was actually a full page black screen with other comments as well.

Drive 0 Primary in Bios: System Partition(System) - C: Win 7
Drive 1 : D: XP (Active)

System Reserved and D: (with XP) partitions are active.

Bcdedit shows the BCD store as:
Real Mode Boot Sector
{fxxxxkdjflskd-you know}
Windows XP

I will leave the system like it is, if you want me to try something different. I have done nothing to modify the EasyBCD install except change the name to Windows XP. Both installs are new and clean.
You're right!

I just remembered something that would cause this bug, let me get back to you on this matter.
It appears the Beta 77 build has corrected the problem--thanks.
Saltgrass I have just completed your exact scenario, dual boot XP Pro SP3 & Win 7 where Win 7 is the default (built first) and using Ver. everything worked perfectly, as it should. Hope you have fixed your dual boot system by now.