Possible problem with MBR.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Basically, I had a Working 32-bit Win7 OS on a 160Gb HD, then i got a 500Gb Hard Drive and installed Win7 64-bit to it from an ISO I got as a student from MS using Daemon Tools-Lite . Everything still worked ok, when I started my PC I was always given the option to select wich Windows to boot from. However, I decided to sell my 160Gb Hard Drive, but ever since I removed it from my Computer, after loading the BIOS the computers screen will remain black with a blinking white line.
I do not have access to that 160Gb Hard Drive, but I do have access to other computers. How can I use EasyBCD to fix this problem?
Im currently not able to run any Windows from that computer in wich I have the problem.
However, I can use another computer with Windows if that does work.