Possible Tri-Boot Configuration ( Win7, Win7, XP)


Hey everyone, I'm considering setting up a tri boot configuration based off of Win7 but since I'm hearing some dual boot issues with Win7, I thought I would ask some questions first.

Well anyway my partitions are attached and pretty self-explanitory. I want my C: and D: to both include two separate installs of Win 7 Pro (D: separate since I do heavy Photoshop and Premiere editing and I don't want any major background programs to be running) and an XP Pro install on E: for gaming.

I'm currently using Win 7 Pro on C: but if I go ahead and install Win7 Pro on D:, will it automatically prompt me for the dual boot once the installation is complete?

Also, if I go ahead and install XP Pro on E: after D: is complete, will that also be added into the OS boot selector or will I need a 3rd party software?

I'm only a noob (or more-so taken precaution) when it comes to Win7. I have done dual boot configs in the past with Vista/Vista, Vista/XP, XP/XP, etc. Any recommendations are welcomed and thank you in advance. :grinning:



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