possibly the graphics card? driver?

Hi guys,

I wondered if someone could help me out with this one. My friend has a dell computer with a built in graphics card. Recently he has been having really bad problems with infections and other issues so we thought the best option was to start fresh.
I re-installed windows xp (service pack 3) and when it had finished it started to load windows then the monitor wouldn't come on. On my monitor it came up with a message on screen about wrong frequency or something. My mate took the base unit home and tried it on his monitor and it wouldn't load on there either, came up with a message saying 'no signal'.
I wonder if this has something to do with the built in graphics card...is it to do with the drivers? If so, how can I get them on.
The copy of windows Xp I used to install is the same as I have on my system and it runs fine, but it is also a custom made installation and could it be to do with the resolution of the installation or something....?
Totally lost and be grateful if someone could shed some light on this.

It is the custom made dis. It didnt install the drivers needed for his system. Without being able to see the desktop you cant install the drivers. You could try but just hitting enter and other such things. But without seeing what you are doing you wont ever be able to do anything. Need to get a real XP disc and try that.

Can you start the thing in safe mode ? (hit F8 on startup)
This will load an evil ugly generic vga display, if you choose the networking option, you may be able to go online a and google for a Dell driver.