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This is a bit of a cheat I suppose, but by posting here I will tip myself into triple digits !

toxic chicken

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Just noticed that i have broken 1,000 posts for my favorite site. Just wanted to make a topic for all big postmarks that we hit. Mahmoud you are out of this as you will be hitting 10,000 before anyone will be able to reach 2,000.:lol:


i'll get there eventually...even at 1-2 posts per month..i think =P


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I'd like to say Happy 100th thread to my favorite forum: The Water Cooler!



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Or We Could All Just Continue Thos Bablle Till Each Of Us Has 10,000 Then We Can All Celebrate By Writing Another 10,000 And On And On And On
Congrats Alex
P.s. This Was A Really Lame Way To Get Myslef Closer To 10 Posts Almost There And Then We Can Really Party

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That is it. Guru change the ACP. Make it so that posts in teh Water Cooler do not count toward the total!


Just kidding. Nice to see people starting to stick around and make themselves a known fixture here at NST. Very nice to see that indeed. Now we are starting to get a fan base going. Several members are close to that daunted 1,00 mark. While i am working on 2,000. Guru is working on 100,000 in just under 3 years. :tongueout:


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lmao!!! I think I'm still quite a ways from reaching 100k.. that would be awesome indeed though! :|