Power Console

In EasyBCD there is a function that you can run a command prompt without a UAC prompt called the EasyBCD Power Console. How does this work? Can I use something similar for other programs? Could somone maybe make a program that can open another program or a shortcut without bringing up a UAC prompt? And please don't tell me to just turn it off, because this would be invaluable to a friend of mine, and also useful to me.
Hello Mr. Wireful,

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That's actually a nifty idea - we're looking into it now :smile:
Stay tuned!
Well, the way we've written EasyBCD (in the code) is that it remembers the elevation you gave it when you first turned it on (if you have UAC, it should have asked for elevation) then it "passes on" this elevation to certain child processes.
I'm afraid your friend is a bit confused... UAC is a part of the Vista kernel, you can't turn anything on until the Kernel is loaded.